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Will Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan ever win an OSCAR?-

Shahrukh Khan is the undisputed king of Bollywood. In last 15 years he has been reigning there with much more hit films than anyone else in this film industry. Let's examine what astrology has to say about him and also try to find out an answer whether he may bring an Oscar for India or not?

Shahrukh was born when Leo ascendant was rising. Ascendant Lord Sun is placed in 3rd house, the house of courage, makes him a courageous man who can take risks and can do a tons of hard work. His moon sign is Capricorn also helps him in this. This position of Sun is one of the strongest position in his horoscope as Sun gets his neech bhang yoga with the support of Mars. Whatever he has achieved so far has come from this position of Sun.

Another highlight of his horoscope is the presence of four malefic planets in three angular houses(kendras) other than the ascendant.

Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu all are placed in his Kendra houses. Mars being a yogkaraka for him and Saturn being a Kendra lord and hence ceased to be malefic and apart from this both Rahu and Ketu are exalted in his horoscope make him a undisputed king of Bollywood. He is blessed with all four qualities of a king Saam, Daam, Danda, and Bheda. In prima facie his horoscope looks to be an ordinary one but a careful look will lead you to a horoscope which is blessed with many rajyogas.

Let's have a look on few rajyogas present in his horoscope.

Musala Yoga :-When lagna is in a fixed sign and several planets also in fixed signs, than the effect of this yoga can be felt.

This yoga makes him proud, learned, wealthy, liked by ruler, famous, of stable nature and blessed with good children. He is trustworthy, has stability and durability, is fixed and determined. However he might be obstinate, and unable to take quick decisions and might have difficulty in adapting to change.

Ruchaka Yoga:-When Mars in a Kendra, exalted or in own sign.

This yoga makes him prominent, bold and courageous, full of strength and vigour, and eager to pursue adventurous activities wherefrom name and fame is gained. He is , of royal bearing and ever intent on combat and annihilator of opponents. This yoga helped him a lot to climb the top of the ladder.

These two yogas are a drop in the ocean. There are several others like Shasha Yoga, Durdhara, Veshi, Amala, Parvata, neech-bhanga rajyoga and so on..

Here I wish to add few notes on Rahu, who is exalted and placed in 10th house of name and fame. The credit for lots of achievements he has made in life goes to Rahu. Let me quote the great Dr. B V Raman on Rahu in 10th house.

" There is a tendency to lusts after widows. He will be skilled artist with a flair of poetry and literature. He travels widely and is learned. He will be famous and will engage in business. He will have limited issues. Bold and somewhat adventurous he commits many sins."

I would not like to comment on this quote and leave everything for you to interpret the meaning yourself.

He got his big break in Bollywood when he was passing through the antardasha of MARS his yogkaraka planet and the mahadasha of this same planet Rahu. Soon after he entered into the 16 year mahadasha of Jupiter and getting everything from him name, fame, wealth and honour , absolutely everything one desires for.

After 15 years in Bollywood he is again on the verge of same breakthrough he got 15 years ago, as he has been going to pass through the antardasha of Mars and Rahu in the mahadasha of Jupiter. Mars in Jupiter is running since Nov 2004 and Rahu is approaching fast and will be started from OCT 2005.This dasha will be running for 2 years and 5 months. Before going further I wish to emphasize here that in the next dasha of Saturn I don't expect much as Saturn also has his share of problems he has to face. But Jupiter is not going to end without a bang.

Though Rahu is placed 12th from Jupiter hence may give him few health and home problems but being in 10th from Lagna he is entitled to hog the limelight once again in his career. He is on verge of his second breakthrough, be it in politics or in international fame like getting Oscar to India. He is quite capable of both and in atleast one he will attract limelight, but wherever he goes he will remain a king, that is for sure. I am clearly foreseeing international fame in next few years for Shah Rukh Khan. We wish him good luck for future.!

Published on :19/04/2005- Acharya Vasudev


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