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Ayodhya,Ram Janma Bhoomi and Controversy

Ayodhya is in the news once again. On 6th of December 2000 Prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee made a statement on Ram Mandir Movement that created controversy and since then opposition has halted the proceedings of Parliament . All these events conincide with the eigth anniversary of demolition of Babri Masjid.One question arises why all this is happening after a long gap of 8 years. Though Prime minister's statement seems to be a well timed move but there was an inherent problem in it. The statement appeared on Wednesday, 6th December, in Uttra-bhadrapada nakshtra on Shukla Paksha Dashmi. This is a quite good day for making such statements but unfortunately the yoga was Vyatipata which is considered to be a bad and unfortunate yoga.

We will have to go back into history for knowing more about this controversy. There are few major events which should be listed here.

22/12/1949 : Installation of Lord's Idols in the Mosque

23/12/1949 : Three men arreted by police in connection with this case.

26/12/1949 : The then City Magistrate Gurudutt Singh confiscated the disputed site.

01/02/1986 : The locks of Rama Temple were opened

09/11/1989 : The ceremony of Shilanyas

25/09/1991 : L.K.Advani started his Rathyatra.

23/10/1990 : L.K.Advani was arrested in Bihar.

02/11/1990 : Many Kar-sewaks died in police-firing at disputed site.

21/11/1991 : V.H.P started symbolic Karsewa.

09/07/1992 : Construction started at the site.

06/12/1992 : Demolition of Masjid.

06/12/1992 : Reinstallation of Idols and temporary structure of temple started to be constructed in the night.

For astrological purpose we have to analyse few of these dates. The installation of Lord's idols were a planned move as the day suggests. It was done in Shravana , a very good nakshatra for installation the idols. Unfortunately the tithi was Chaturthi and the yoga was Vyaghaat which are not considered to be a good muhurta for auspicious activities. The time was also not chosen rightly as perhaps this was the reason that the idols were in custody for almost 36 years. Let's have a look over the horoscope of that time when the idols were installed. We will use this horoscope as the birth of Lord Rama's temple at Ram Janmabhoomi.

Virgo ascendant was rising at the time when idols were installed. Virgo has Mars and Ketu, both violent planets positioned in it. The fourth house has Sun and Mercury, the fifth house has debilitated Jupiter,Venus, and Moon, the seventh house has Rahu and the twelfth house has Saturn positioned in it . At the time of installation the vimshottari dasha of Moon was operating.

Moon Dasha :( 1949 to 1955 ) : The good thing happened in this dasha was the order of civil court of Ayodhya for continuing the daily Pooja at the distputed site.

Mars Dasha : (1955 to 1962) : Mars was badly placed in lagna and being a 3rd and 8th lord it was instrumental of worsening the situation as in 1961 Sunni Central Wokf Borad also jumped into the litigation. Situation was under control as this Mars had aspect of Jupiter

Rahu Dasha : ( 1962 to 1980 ) There was no solution of the problem at all.

Jupiter Dasha : ( 1980 to 1996) This has been a happening period as this Jupiter made the BJP a household name.With the sympathy wave of Ram Mandir BJP reached to it's zenith and eventually acquired power at centre in 1998. In 1984 there was the first meeting of Dharmasansad. On 1/2/1986 court orderd to open the locks of Ram Janambhoomi. This was only possible because of benefic Jupiter as this Jupiter was placed in the fifth house with Yogkarka Venus and Moon. The dasha was running Jupiter-Mercury which was instrumental in opening the locks of Janmabhoomi. On 09/11/1989 when Jupiter-Venus was in progress VHP had been succesful in doing the Shilanyas ceremony. BJP used this dasha for broadening it's base in masses by playing with the emotional sentiments of hindus. L.K.Advani went for his countywide Rathytra during this period and was arrested in Bihar on 23/10/1990. Many Karsewakas died in police firing in Ayodhya on 02/11/1990. All these events happened in Jupiter-Venus. In Jupiter-Sun on 24/6/1991 Kalyan Singh became the chief minister of UP. On 06/02/1992 when Jupiter-Moon was in progress Mosque was demolished and There was made a temporary structure of Mandir. We have to throw more light on that day's muhurta.

06/02/1992 : The day was Sunday, the tithi was Shukla Paksha Dwadashi and the nakshatra was Ashwini. Everything was right and well planned except what had had to happened. The problem was that the Jupiter-Mars dasha was about to start 07/12/1992 onwards. The whole country was under communal clashes and this all was destined as we can easily make out from the horoscope of the day when the idols were installed in 1949.

What is stored in future ? : Jupiter has done a lot for Ram Janmabhoomi and all that can not be changed, hence it is sure the temporary structure which is stood there is quite safe. But the full structure is still far off atleast for two more years to come, and till then Ayodhya and the whole country yet to face few bad moments. According to Kurma-Chakra Ayodhya comes under Purva-Phalguni nakshatra and whenever this nakshatra comes under severe vedha of Saturn,Mars or Rahu unrest clashes and chaos would have have to happen. In the months of January-February when Saturn will be transiting through Krittika and Mars will be transiting through Vishakha, Ayodhya will be in the news again.

Published on on 15/12/2000

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