Monday, March 24, 2008

Gulf War and Beyond.........

America attacked Iraq with the sole purpose of destroying Saddam.Bush Junior is adamant to achieve what his father could not.Whether he will be succeeded or not, analyzed here astrologically.

In the early hours when Aquarius ascendant was rising at Baghdad , Bush ordered to eliminate Saddam. Soon thereafter Allies countries started to hurl Tomahawk Cruise missiles towards Iraq.

Aquarius rising is not a good omen for Iraq as it is the 8th house from Iraq’s ascendant which happens to be the Cancer.The attacker Bush and Company is represented by Saturn the Ascendant as well as 12th lord, whereas Saddam is represented by Sun the 7th lord.Interestingly both these planets are well placed in the chart. Saturn by his position in the kendra in the friendly sign with his friend Rahu, while Sun is aspected by Jupiter and placed in jupiterian sign too.Thanks to Jupiter Saddam is receiving so much support worldwide.

War is going to end within two to four weeks, as Sun is placed next to Ascendant and Saturn in the 4th house, and both are strong. For the outcome of war 7th,11th and 14th April are important dates. Saturn’s transit into Gemini on 7th is most crucial one as he will aspect both Sun and Mars from there.US and allied forces may catch hold of Saddam before 11th of April.But with his Luck and the famous double he may survive as on 11th April he may leave his country and may get political asylum in a friendly country.Why after 11th ? Because Mars is going out into Capricorn in the 12th house, being exalted and aspected by an exalted Jupiter He will be safe wherever he may be. The remaining work will be completed by Sun moving into Aries and the safety of Saddam will be asertained.The only question is to survive between 7th and 11th of April.The one thing is sure Bush and Company may destroy Iraq but can not destroy the spirit and soul of a brave soldier.

Let’s have a look into Iraq’s horoscope.Iraq has Cancer rising and been passing through the sub period of Mercury in the major period of Saturn till May 2004. Saturn and Mercury both are aspected by his fierce enemy Mars from the 10th house, indicating the humiliation of otherwise brave country.Mercury, indicating economy and Saturn indicating it’s rich heritage, both are going to fell into dire state.

Let’s have a look over US horoscope as well.Right now US is passing through the sub-period of Jupiter in the major period of Moon.Moon and Jupiter both are well placed to each other making one successful in one’s ventures.This phase ends in June and the sub-period of Saturn starts thereafter.Both Moon and Saturn are badly placed from each other.They are making Shadashtaka relationship.This phase is devoid of happiness and indicating lots of internal as well as external fights and dangers.US may drag itself into a big warlike situation which may get out of control.

May God give wisdom to Bush and Saddam and save Iraq from destruction.

(Written on 22/03/2003)

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