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Amitabh Bachchan : Unlocking the Puzzle

Amitabh Bachchan, BBC's Star of the millennium,and the Megastar of indian cinema is like a puzzle for budding astrologers.

His horoscope is quite complicated for a layman.We start to unlock this puzzle with his recent illness.
He was in Lucknow on the occasion of his father late Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan's jayanti celebration on 27th of November 2005.
The very next day he had to admit in the Escorts hospital in Delhi for the complaints of abdominal pain.
The day was Monday,nakshatra was Chitra and the Moon was passing through his natal Moon in Libra.
Nakshatra caught my attention as it was the nakshatra of Mars,who incidentally was retrograde and passing through the 7th house of his Moon.
Chitra is considered to be a good nakshatra as far as remedies and doing things to improve one's health is concerned.
Amitabh was lucky to be admitted in Chitra nakshatra.Let's have a look at the horoscope when he was admitted in Lilavati hospital in Bombay.

Cancer Ascendant was rising at the time with retrograde Saturn placed in it.It was aspected by Mars and Rahu there in lagna.
This was not a good situation at all and was clearly showing the surgery.There was another indication of changing the doctors or the method of
medication, which incidentally may be materialized in future, and Mr. Bachchan may have to seek further diagnosis somewhere else in the months to come.

Look at the horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan.He was born on 11th October 1942, at 3.51 P.M. at Allahabad.
Aquarius ascendant was rising with vargottama navamasha at the time with Ketu placed in lagna itself.
Saturn being the lagna lord is strongly placed in 4th house in friendly sign Taurus without being aspected by malefics or benefics.
Right now Mr. Bachchan is passing through the dasha of Mercury which is nearing at it's end.Saturn's sub-period in Mercury is currently running.

One thing which caught my attention is Ketu's transit through the 8th house where his Sun,Venus,Mars and mahadasha lord Mercury are placed..
Ketu from there was also aspecting antardasha lord Saturn and Pratyantar dasha lord Venus. Even a layman can understand the gravity
of the situation which the eminent doctors at Escorts failed to see or comprehend.They just described it a normal stomach pain.Nobody knows whether
the doctors came to know everything and was hiding it from media so that rumours could be stopped to spread.Who really knows ?

The 8th house is the house of chronic diseases which suddenly come to surface.
As far as my knowledge of medical astrology goes , it seems to be a malignant kind of thing, a very muck like a cancerous growth in his stomach.
I consider this illness no less then the accident in 1982.I give you the reason behind this.At the time of that fatal accident Amitabh was passing through the antar-dasha of Moon in the mahadasha of Saturn.Both his Saturn and Mars were passing through the same house the 8th house,and the same nakshatra, the Hasta from where Ketu is passing through right now.Moon is his 6th lord, the planet of accident and illness and was making the shadashataka (6th\8th) relationship with mahadasha lord Saturn.Jupiter was passing through the natal Mon at both time and that saved Mr. Bachchan from death like situation.

Now as Mr. Bachchan has been operated upon, our task is to find out what will be in store as far as his health in future is concerned.

Ketu has still been transiting through that place until October end in 2006.Another major surgery can not be ruled out and I suspect that Mr. Bachchan
is anywhere around fit for his shooting schedule.He has to cut down the pace and amount of his work.

Another thing is the wrong time chosen for his discharge from the hospital.I am sure no vedic scholar would have advised this time as a good muhurta.
As per the media reports, this muhurta was chosen as per the advice of some numerologist.
Look at the blunder he made.

I understand that one can not choose the time and date of admission in the hospital, but you may very well choose the time and date of discharge from the hospital.

At the time of discharging Aquarius ascendant was rising,which happens to be the ascendant of Mr. Bachchan also.This is very bad muhurta to choose.
The nakshatra was Ardra and the day was Saturday and these are not considered good as far as recovery from an illness is concerned.
The ascendant lord Saturn was placed in 6th house, may be considered good but what about the aspect of Mars and Rahu over Saturn there in the 6th house.

Is this not the indication of another surgery?.The retrogression of Venus the pratyantar dasha lord on 24th of December, may be the cause of surfacing few complications in the process of recovery.Further the transit of Mars over the Saturn in the months of Feb and March may catapult the need of another surgery.

The power of blessings and good wishes is really incomprehensible for a finite mind.It was always a amazing thing for me, why the whole nation
praying for him to recover from his illness.Can one understand or comprehend the power behind these blessings and good wishes ?
He was miraculously saved once in 1982 and now also he will be saved from this chronic illness just because more then 100 carore people are behind him.
He is truly blessed a person and I ,in my entire life, with my whole experience in astrology hardly count this kind of blessed persons on my fingers.

We now intend to unlock the puzzle further and analyze Amitabh's chart in full details.

As we know that he was born when Aquarius lagna was rising with vargottama navamsha.

His rahu or moon sign is Libra.Both his rashi and lagna are airy signs and Ketu's placement in lagna in an airy saturnine sign gave him an unusual height of 6.3'.
Aquarius is a philosophical sign and gives birth to the personality whose sufferings and difficulties are extremely karmic and aimed at teaching powerful lessons.

8th house is considered to be a mystical sign in a horoscope.It preserves very deep meanings in itself.It can produce genius in certain circumstances.
On one hand it can represent severe chronic diseases or injuries leading to death, and the other hand it can produce miracles to save the life from the clutches of death.That is the mysticism behind this house.This house is the deep and sleep ocean and if in any case it gets activated it can produces miracles.
Amitabh's life is no less then a miracle if you wish to understand why the entire nation loves him.

Amitabh has as many as 4 planets in it.It is one of the most activated house of his horoscope.He has Sun,Venus,Mars and Mercury there.
Sun being his 7th lord ceases to be malefic,Venus is his yogakaraka planet and his 9th lord acts as most benefic planet for him.Mercury is the 8th lord
itself and Mars being his 10th lord also ceases to be malefic.Here in this house happening is the churning of the ocean.Obviously there will be posion there but at last there will be nector too.Amitabh got his chronic diseases and injuries as the posion and his ever lasting charisma,his super stardom and last but not the least the well-wishes of the entire nation as nector.As an astrologer I stopped to be amazed here after analyzing his 8th house.

Hereunder are given few other details about him.

Son of a famous,poet :-

His 10th house,the significator of father is aspected by exalted Jupiter and lagna lord Saturn.10th lord Mars is placed in 8th house withVenus in the same nakshatra.Exalted Mercury and royal planet Sun are also joining it giving him a famous poet father with strong beliefs and ideology.Moreover in the dwadasamsha chart of Amitabh has exalted Jupiter in lagna.Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan needs n introduction in literary circles.

Good Education:-

Powerful 2nd, 4th and 5th house provided Amitabh good education.2nd house has been aspected by it's lord Jupiter,the karaka for education,4th house has lagna lord Saturn who is placed in his friends sign and 5th lord Mercury is exalted.Moreover 2nd house has been aspected by Sun,Mars,Venus and Mercury also. Everybody close to Amitabh knows he was good in studies and acquired double M.A. Degree from Kirorimal collage of Delhi University.

Wife from creative and glamorous background:-

7th house has Rahu placed in it.Jaya bhaduri came from different community.His 7th lord is Sun,placed in 8th house in lagna kundali but in navamsha Sun is placed in 7th house in leo in it's mooltrikona sign.His wife is as famous and popular as himself when she was at peak in her career.

Fantastic Career:-

We have already discussed the miracles of his 8th house.His 10th lord is placed in the same 8th house in the hasta nakshatra.Sun is the deity of this Hasta nakshatra and it is believed that in nobler circumstances this nakshatra can produce magicians and as far as his profession is concerned Amitabh is no less than a magician.In his dasamsha chart Jupiter placed in his 10th house in Pisces in it's own sign giving him immense popularity and respect.10th lord Mars association with Yogakaraka Venus gave him a successful film career.

Famous friends and famous Son:-

Amitabh is blessed with friends as well as a famous son.His 5th house is quite strong in that sense.5th house is the house of friends,children and the blessings of previous births.Significator of children Jupiter as well as 5th lord Mercury both are exalted and Mercury is associated with Sun in almost all divisional charts showing that he will blessed with famous and powerful friends as well as famous and popular son.

We will go through his entire life story as per vimshottari dasha system.

Rahu Mahadasha (From birth to 12-04-1955):-

It was the time for childhood of masti and enjoyment.He attended Boys highschool in Allahabad during this phase and was quite good at studies.
Oahu's placement in 7th house in oleo is goody's renowned ,disciplinarian but understanding father was the highlight of this period.

Jupiter Mahadasha ( Till 12-04-1971):-

As Jupiter is exalted and aspecting the 2nd house of education,which happens to be it's own house,Amitabh acquired good education in this phase.He went to Sherwood College in Nainital and later joined Delhi's Kirorimal College for earning his Double M.A. Degree in arts.This was the best time for his father too.
His father was close to the then Prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru and was appointed the Hindi Advisor to the Government of India after returning from Cambridge University in England. His father Dr.Harivansh Rai Bachchan was the first Indian to earn a Ph.D. in English from Cambridge.
During Jupiter-Saturn dasha family shifted to Delhi from Allahabad.Amitabh got Rajiv and Sanjay as his close pals during this dasha.He enjoyed this part of his life very much. In the later part of Jupiter dasha the going was bit tough.He went to Calcutta for work.Worked as a freight broker for a firm for some time and later joined Shaw Wallace.He was also involved with theater at that time in Calcutta.

His dream to work in films took him Bombay from Calcutta.He struggled in the Jupiter-Moon and Jupiter-Mars but got his first break in K.A.Abbas's "Saat Hindustani" in the year 1969 when his Rahu antar dasha in Jupiter was running.Still the days of struggle were not over and he had to wait for his most beneficial dasha of Saturn to start.

Saturn Mahadasha (Till 12-04-1990):-

The real story begins from here.Saturn is his lagna lord and being yogakaraka from his Libra(Tula) rashi and also strongly placed in 4th house in kendra in friendly sign in Taurus in the nakshatra of Moon,Rohini.The nakshatra dispositor Moon's placement in the 9th house helped him a lot.His success story in bollywood tells it all.His super stardom,his long innings in the film industry all falls within the grace of Saturn.During the first half of Saturn dasha his most of the films were mega hits.
Zanzeer (1973) came when he was running Saturn-Saturn and and he never looked back after that.We have no intention to analyze his filmi career here.Everybody knows it better then us.

We should not forget the 12th lordship of Saturn here.The second part of Saturn had not been passing not without it's share of adversities Saturn-Moon he met with that fatal accident but fortunately survived and in a way reborn again.Look at the 6th/8th position of Saturn and Moon and the facts that he was passing through the sade-sati at that time.In Saturn-Mars he entered in politics in support of his close friend Rajiv Gandhi but soon realized that he was not cut out for politics.He resigned in Saturn-Rahu after being named in Bofors Scandal before even finishing his term.He has very bitter experiences during that time and termed his entering into politics a big mistake.We can blame his sade-sati and 12th lordship for all this.His sade-sati finished in December 1987 and he had a sigh of relief after that.

Mercury Mahadasha(Till 12-04-2007):-

Being placed in 8th house of surprises Mercury threw many surprises infront of Amitabh.The first half was full of ambitious plans but failed him miserably.
His losses in business and average or below average films,his failed business prepositions are all came during first half of this dasha.He was under heavy debts.
His relations with Gandhi family further deteriorated in this phase.

The second half was quite contrary to the first one and surprisingly he stood from ashes and striked back with KBC.and he never looked back since then..

We have to keep in mind that Mercury is functional benefic for the Aquarius lagna.Being 5th lord Mercury provided good results while being 8th lord he gave him debts,chronic diseases and distance from Gandhi Family.During Mercury dasha he became close to Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav. At first this seems a mismatch and from astrological point of view I consider this friendship as an aberration in Mr. Bachchan's life. As this friendship blossomed in the dasha of retrograde Mercury.

Right now he is under the Saturn antardasha in the Mercury mahadasha.This is the fag end of the mahadasha of Mercury.This is called chhidra dasha also and may cause serious damages to life.His whole 64th year seems to be tough to his life but he will be survived this year and I have no doubt about that.

Future Predictions:-

Amitabh has to pass the 7 years of Ketu mahadasha after completing this Mercury mahadasha in April 2007.Ketu will repeat the events which Saturn has already given as well indicated.His fame will be intact but not the health.In case he passes whole of the Ketu dasha his fame and popularity will touch new frontiers.Ketu is known as “Shikhi”or Peak and that he is certainly going to achieve in coming Ketu dasha.

Acharya Vasudev

Jan 11,2006


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