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Kashmir, Ceasefire,and Repurcussions

Hearunder we are analysing the future of Prime minister's declaration of ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir during the holy month of Ramazan. Prime-minister declares this ceasefire on 19th November, the day of Sunday, when the nakshatra was Magha and the tithi was Krishna Paksha Navami. The nakshatra Magha doesn't promote peace making activities, rather it is very conducive for wars and other hazardous undertakings.

The navami tithi is also good for debating,competing ,excersing,gambling and for taking other risks. Our vedic seers insight into Muhurta or electional astrology only declares the failure of this cease-fire.

Let's have a look into Kashmir history after independence.Maharaja Hari Singh signed instruments of accession with indian government on 26th October 1947.The ruling sign of Kashmir Libra was heavily afflicted by debilitated Sun,Mars, Saturn and retrograde Mercury. Signing the important papers during the retrogression of Mercury is never considered to be a good idea. Mercury became retrograde on 25th October 1947 and Maharaja Hari Singh signed the paper on 26th, the next day and subsequently it triggered major problems between both the countries India and Pakistan.

If we consider 26th October 1947, the day when Kashmir was included in Indian territory, we may have clear insight about Kashmir problem.Moon is posited in Aquarius. Ninth and sixth houses are heavily afflicted not showing any sign of peace.There is an exchange between Saturn and Moon, quite indicative of depressive scene.

According to Kurma-chakra Kashmir is ruled by Purva-Bhadrapada Nakshatra which is under vedh of Mars nowadays. This again increasing danger for Kashmir. We should be alert at our borders. The transit of Mars through the Libra (Between 13th December to 2nd February), which is the ruling sign of Kashmir again a bell of danger. It would be impossible task to maintain peace in the valley. As we know that in Mundane astrology Mars is considered to be a violent planet and triggers wars, natural calamities and bloodsheds etc. specifically when it is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu. The same is the story here, as Mars is going to make a shadashtaka yoga (6/8 inimical relationship) with Saturn during his stay in Libra. Every indication is negative for peace as far as mundane astrology is concerned. So we should keep our fingers crossed and pray for the peace in the valley.May god listen to peacekeepers.

Acharya Vasudev

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