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What will be the fate & future of the New POPE?

New Pope Benedict XVI has been elected on 19th April 2005, 17:50 Local Time at Vatican.

He was born on 16th April 1927, 4:15 MET Marktl (48 N 15 / 12 E 51) Germany.

We will try to understand the impact and the fate of new pope with the help of this data.

He was born when Aquarius ascendant was rising on eastern horizon.Aquarius being a philosophical sign makes him a great teacher, writer and lecturer. He is generous hearted, highly sympathetic, intelligent, posses good memory and capable of dealing with facts. He is reserved and peevish when provoked.

Jupiter is placed in lagna aspected by Rahu from 5th house. Jupiter also has affected by the presence of Venus and Saturn in Kendra's (angular houses) from lagna and as well as from Jupiter itself. Jupiter's placement in lagna makes him a strict religious man who follows his religion with lot of faith and conviction.

Jupiter gives him a magnetic personality. An optimistic spirit, and jovial nature is indicated in his personality.

Self-indulgence especially in regard to gluttony will effect health.

Rahu's aspect over this Jupiter makes him inclined towards occult sciences but a hypocritical super-consciousness towards other religions is also likely to happen.

The health will be generally unsatisfactory. He may likely to go through for treatment other than by medical methods.

Rahu's aspect over lagna makes him appear rather odd and eccentric.

His three planets including lagna lord Saturn are placed in fixed signs make him a fixed, determined and conservative personality.

His ascendant lord Saturn placed in Scorpio in 10th house, the house of achievements and fame exalted him to the highest office in Roman Catholic hierarchy .

As Saturn is retrograde in a deep mystical sign Scorpio, it is very tough for ordinary man to understand his mind and his intentions.

His intentions may be shrouded in mystery and covered with lots of smart wit and intellect.

Look at his first speech after he become Pope

"After the great Pope John Paul II, the Lord Cardinals have elected me, a simple and humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord. I am consoled by the fact that the Lord knows how to act, even with inadequate instruments and above all I entrust myself to your prayers. In the joy of the Risen Lord, trusting in His permanent help, as we go forward the Lord will help us, and His Mother, Mary Most Holy, is on our side Thank you."

You will find conviction, and faith towards his religion in this speech, but you will be surprised to see the words 'simple and humble worker' as he is not a simple and humble man, astrology reveals. A man who has such conviction and determination of Aquarius sign used Jupiter's wisdom and Rahu's hypocrisy to portray himself as a 'simple and humble worker'. This is what Rahu can do to one's personality. If only Jupiter were there in his ascendant without Rahu's aspect he would not be a conservative but traditional and unsympathetic towards other faiths but real upholder of justice and equality and as well as empathy.

I wish to emphasize on his words in millennium peace summit in 2000.

He said the followers of non-Christian religion will not get salvation because they do not consider Jesus Christ to be the only son of God. He also said that there are several shortcomings in non-Catholic religions because they do not consider the Pope to be their leader.

Now you can very well understand the impact of Rahu over his thinking and personality.

Venus is his 4th house in own sign made him a accomplished pianist. Moon in Virgo aspected by Mars and Mercury providing him an analytical and thought-provoking mind with which he may use facts and logic to denounce other's ideas aggressively. He is intelligent and smart and you can not criticize him without going deep into his psyche and ideas .At once he may silence you with his sharp intellect in case you are not prepared with the armory of facts yourself.

Sun in 3rd house makes him a courageous man who is not afraid of taking bold steps. He cares a damn for criticism and opposition. He is a brave man with strong convictions and deliberate will. He is blunt and quite passionate about his kind of truth. Mercury in 2nd house makes him a emotional as well as thought-provoking speaker. he is fluent in many languages owing to good influence of this Mercury.

Ketu in 11th house in the sign of Jupiter makes him somewhat unsympathetic and stubborn with his ideas.

Mars and Rahu in 5th house will not provide him good friends and trusted lieutenants. He may be mistaken by others and may suffer from colic pains. People will find him a hard-hearted man.

Till the age of 28 he had not been passing through the good dasha at all. During World War II he was forced to join the auxiliary anti-aircraft service, but deserted. He was subsequently imprisoned in an Allied POW camp until the end of the war. That time he was passing through the dasha of Saturn in Rahu. Saturn and Rahu making shadashataka (6th/8th) relationship and Saturn also placed in an inimical sign but he survived as Saturn is placed in 10th house.

In Rahu-Ketu he began studies in philosophy and theology at the University of Munich. Look at the Ketu who is posited in the sign of Jupiter the planet of philosophy and Ketu itself a planet for theology. He was ordained as a priest in Rahu-Sun. Sun is exalted and placed 11th from Rahu and 3rd from Ascendant.

As soon as he entered into the dasha of Jupiter he obtained his doctorate in theology. Now his good dasha had been started and he never looked back after that. During Jupiter's dasha from 1953 to 1969 he was into teaching and lecturing quite away from a secret mission to prove Christianity superior to other faiths.

His Saturn dasha began in 1969 and for half of this dasha he was into teaching only. He got two breakthroughs during Saturn dasha, one came in 1969 in Saturn-Saturn when he became a professor of dogmatic theology and of the history of dogma, the second breakthrough came in Saturn-Venus his yogakarka planet and well placed in it's own sign when he was appointed the archbishop of Munich and was also elevated to the post of cardinal during same dasha. During the whole dasha of Saturn he was not very vocal but was preparing himself for his secret mission .Once again look at the Saturn in Scorpio.

Since 1998 he has been passing through the dasha of Mercury maturing as a good speaker and stimulating conversationalist out-witting his opponents. He was elected Vice Dean of the College of Cardinals In Mercury-Rahu and elevated to the post of Dean in Mercury-Jupiter. His secret mission has been realized when he became Pope in Mercury-Saturn for which he was preparing himself from 1972 the phase of Saturn-Mercury.

Soon he is going to enter into the mahadasha of Ketu from November 2005.During this dasha his approach will be uncompromising and unyielding. He will try to execute his ideas with lots of conviction and without being perturbed by the criticism. In that way his reign will be contrary to his predecessor's. He will widely be criticized and opposed for his ideas from inside and outside. Ketu's transition from his moon until September 2006 may spoil his health and a surgery of urinary tract can not complete be ruled out. He will be able to handle technological advancement well as Ketu is well placed in chart and known for it's brilliancy and efficiency.

Let's have look over Sub-periods in Ketu.

Ketu (Nov 2005 -April 2006) --bad for health

Venus (April 2006-June 2007)--OK,known for charitable causes and harmony

Sun (June 2007-Oct 2007)--Good and strong phase, fame is there.

Moon (Oct 2007-May 2008)--Manageable phase but emotional disturbances are there.

Mars (May 2008-Oct 2008)--Bad Phase for health and opposition

Rahu (Oct 2008- Nov 2009)--Bad phase for health and rebellions will dominate.

Jupiter (Nov 2009- Oct 2010)--Mediocre to good.

Saturn (Oct 2010- Nov 2011)--Bad phase as he will be widely criticized.

Mercury (Nov 2011-Nov 2012)--OK phase.

The first half of Ketu dasha will be good except few health problems. The sub-periods of Ketu, Venus, Sun and Moon will be good to average except few health problems. But following sub-periods of Mars and Rahu will disturb him a lot and serious health problems can not be ruled out.

If he passes ketu's second half well only then his reign can be remembered as Venus dasha will be known for charitable causes, but that is highly unlikely in this case.

According to the horoscope at the time when he was elected Pope ,Virgo lagna was rising with retrograde Jupiter and Ketu in it.

This shows that he aggressively and uncompromisingly will execute his ideas will work towards the enforcement of Church doctrine.

He will continue to be against multiculturalism and will regard other religions as deficient.

The nakshatra was Magha and Tithi was Shukla Ekadashi. Nakshatra is not very conducive for election as it is recommended for wars and other hazardous undertaking, but the Tithi is balancing this out as it is recommended for observing vows and other divine festivals.

Health and opponents will disturb him a lot as Saturn being a 6th lord placed in 10th house.

He will make more enemies than his predecessor.

Venus is combust and placed in 8th house and this will make him unsympathetic towards women. He will be stick to his views that ban on women priests is necessary to safeguard doctrine. Even on homo-sexuality and gay marriages he will stick to his earlier stand owing to 8th house Venus.

Published on :21/04/2005- Acharya Vasudev


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