Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mundane Predictions(16th Nov-15th Dec 2005)

Events and Festivals and Important Transits

16-Margashirsh dark half starts.Sun enters into Scorpio.Margashirsha Samkranti,Punyakaal from Sunrise.Retrograde Mercury into Anuradha-IV at 11-16
17-Retrograde Mercury enters into Anuradha-IV
18-Bhadra from 18-14 to 30-32 Saubhagya Sundari Vrita.
19-Shri Ganesh Chaturthi Vrita Moonrise at 20-03 Sun enters into Anuradha at 17-54.Mercury sets in the West.
21-Retrograde Mars enters into Bharani-I at 17-35
22-Bhadra from 11-49 to 25-06.Saturn turns retrograde at 14-27
23- Kala Bhairava Ashtami
26- Bhadra from 8-15 to 21-18,Retrograde Mercury into Anuradha-I At 6-15
27-Utpanna Ekadashi Vrita
28-Venus into U-Shadha at 22-02,Retrograde Mercury into Vishakha-IV at 27-00
29-Bhadra from 22-57,Bhaum Pradosh Vrita.Jupiter into Swati-III at 13-25
30-Bhadra upto 10-30.Mercury rises in the East 26-43.Mela Puramandal.
December Ist-Guruvari Amavasya for taking auspicious bathing and offerings

On 23rd There is a great occassion for worshipping Lord Shiva on Kaal Bhairava Ashtami day.
On 27th For getting desired results keep fast for Utapanna Ekadashi
On 30th November People around Jammu area will celebrate Mela Purmandal from Trayodashi to Amavasya.Balaji Jayanti also falls on this day.

Mundane Predictions(16/11/2005 to 15/12/2005)

Bad time for doctors and administrators.
Fluctuations in the value of rupee.
Possibility of a banking or tax scam.
Another natural calamity in coastal areas.
Share market may be on roller coaster ride.May cross 9000 mark.
More problems for Ruling alliance.
Opposition will be in more dominance role.
Bihar elections may prove bad for UPA.
Laloo may be on his way out.
An artist or a person from creative field may hog the limelight.
Terrorists may again strike hard this time.
Crime rate will be on high rise.
Health of women in general will be bad during this month.
More troubles for former foreign minister, starting from 22nd November when Saturn turns retrograde.
As far as series against SA is concerned it seems to be a tough fight for both the teams,
but going in India's favour at last.
Police will be in dilemma and would not gain much from investigations.
Overall seems to be a peaceful month for railways.
A literary figure may pass away this month.

A bad month for US, as far as armed forces in Iraq are concerned.
There may be big loss of either armed forces or it's equipments.
Medical services will receive a jolt of a kind.
There may be a epidemic break out somewhere in US.


Bad month for children in general.
Health of the ruler may deteriorate.
Problem for land and all products of land like crops,agriculture,mines,minerals.


Iran remains adamant in his approach towards US.

Assassination attempt on the life of current Iraqi ruler.
Worst month for Iraq comparing with last 4-5 months.


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