Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Fate of Saddam Hussein

The fate of Saddam Hussein is a current hot topic worldwide as the trial against him has been started on 19thof October 2005.
We are analyzing his fate and destiny according to Vedic Astrology.
The birth details of Saddam Hussein are read like this...

Born in Tikrit near Baghdad on 28th of April 1937 at 8.15 in the morning.
With this information in hand we had have to verify the events in the life of Saddam Hussein.

As not much authentic biographical material available on Saddam we have to rely on what is available through western media which obviously is coloured and biased.We believe that his date of birth is currect but we are not as sure of his time of birth.

He was born when Gemini Ascendant was rising at eastern horizon.The dictator in him catches the eyes of an astrologer and this is justified as his ascendant lord though a soft planet Mercury placed in the 12th house at Rahu-Ketu axis and influenced by as many as six planets namely Rahu,Ketu,Mars,Saturn,Moon and Jupiter.Four planet are clearly malefic and making his a ruthless and cruel leader.Even Moon and Jupiter are also helping in this cause as both are debilitated and placed in 6th and 8th houses respectively.

The five planets are on 6th/12th axis shows his character more loudly.He has survived many battles in his life dramatically and nowadays fighting a legal battle in the court.Will he survive this time is the million dollar question and we are trying to find out a possible answer with the help of Astrology.

Gemini rising also shows his interest in his famous doubles.He is an enigma and dillema at the same time.Reading his mind is quite tough task even for an astrologer.Against his opponents he is ruthless and he can crush them with all ease.

For first six years of his life he was passing through the dasha of Saturn that is placed in the 10th house associated with exalted venus and aspected by debilitated Rahu. During these years he lost his father even 5 months before his birth.His 12 year old brother also died of cancer shortly afterward his father's death and before Saddam was born.He had to suffer in hands of step father who used to beat him cruely.He was born when Saturn-Mars was running and he was born to a mother who was severely depressed as during pregnancy as she had lost her husband and a son.He was born as an unwanted child as his mother even tried to kill herself and abort the child.In these kind of circumstanced a dictator was born who is a fighter to the core no matter how strong the opposition is.Look at the position of retrograde Mars with the debilitated moon, the karaka for mother.

In the dasha of Saturn-Rahu he was sent to his maternal uncle and in Saturn-Jupiter his mother remarried and he gained three half brothers through this marriage.Look at the position of Jupiter, who placed 3rd from Moon, the house of brothers and sisters.

In the dasha of Mercury he returned to his maternal uncle and attended nationalistic school and at 20 he joined the baa'th party.His maternal uncle was the supporter of that party and his influence on Saddam was very evident.

It was a phase of varied kind of learning for Saddam. He was very vocal and actively involved in party politics.This all can be very well justified in the dasha of Mercury, who is his lagna lord and known for media,publicity and intense networking.

Ketu's dasha was running from 1960 to 1967, and it was very turbulent time in the life of Saddam. threat of life loomed large on Saddam during this dasha as always associated with Ketu. During the dasha of Ketu Saddam took part in the attempted assassination of the then Prime minister Qassim.He was shot in leg during that coup and had to flee to Syria and later to Egypt. He was sentenced to death for taking part in that coup.In exile in Egypt he studied Law at Cairo University. Saddam returned to Iraq in 1964 but was arrested and imprisoned.

All those events in Ketu dasha made Saddam tough and mature as a political figure.

He escaped from jail in 1967 when he had entered into the dasha of Venus placed in his 10th house of power and position. Within a year of time when baa'thist returned to power he became vice president of Iraq.His success story started from here onwards.During the Venus dasha he was appointed the general of Iraqi army in 1967.His power was increasing day by day and he formally came to power in 1979.In this dasha he became the most ruthless ruler of his times. In the fits of ego and power he involved in Iran-Iraq war. One can easily see why the second half of Venus dasha was bad for him but still he managed to survive and continue to rule the nation. But he caused the immense destruction of human lives and as well as of wealth during the second half of Venus.This can be justified by the position of Mercury and Ketu in Taurus which is severely afflicted by Mars,Rahu and Saturn and also by Jupiter.

In the Dasha of Sun which was placed exalted in the 11th house of gains and supremacy he invaded Kuwait. As the Sun is exalted but hemmed in between malefics he miscalcuated his power and moves and lost the war against U.S. And it's allies.This all happened in the dasha of Sun.

His Moon dasha has been running since 1993 to next 10 years. This was one of the worst phase in his life as Moon is placed in 6th house,the house of enemies and problems.He was suffering humiliation in the hands of U.S and it's allies.The only good thing was that he managed to survive his presidency of Iraq. In the fag end of this dasha he was again attacked by U.S. and allies for allegedly possessing weapons of mass destruction.

Though nothing horrible as WMD''s was found in Iraq, U.S. And it' allies were successful in dethroning and humiliating him. For the ruler of any kind this is nothing else but a kind of death. This all has been happening as his Mars dasha has been started in early 2003 and this time he had to relinquish his throne and had to flee and hide at unknown locations.He was captured after few months on 14th December 2003.Still he is in the dasha of Mars and the task before us is to analyze his future in this dasha.The question looming large whether he will survive or will he be sentenced to death by the court.

Being a worst malefic for Gemini Ascendant Mars is entitled to produce worst kind of suffering, humiliation and death like situations which Mars is giving since it's beginning in early 2003.I wish to present here a similar kind of horoscope. This is the horoscope of Z. A. Bhutto,the former Prime Minister of Pakistan who was executed for murder charges, quite similar to Saddam Hussein who also has been facing trial for murder charges.

Quite interestingly this horoscope also has Gemini Ascendant and Mars in 6th house. Rahu-Ketu axis also running through the 6th /12th house.He was executed for murder in 1979 when he was passing through the dasha of Saturn-Mars. In Bhutto's case Saturn was badly placed then Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein is passing through the dasha of Mars-Saturn, but his Mars is strongly placed then Z. A. Bhutto.I sincerely argue here that he has better chances of surviving death then Bhutto. Though whole of mars dasha slated to give him suffering,humiliation and death like situations he still can manage to survive execution, unlike Bhutto. Look at the horoscope of Bhutto where Mars was afflicted by Saturn and Ketu and Saturn was reducing his longevity by being 8th lord and placed with Mars and Ketu in an inimical sign, wherein the case of Saddam Mars is quite strongly placed and his Saturn is placed in 10th house giving him lot longer life then Bhutto.

We also intend to analyze the horoscope when the trial began. Scorpio rising in Baghdad at the time of trial. The Lagna lord though placed in 6th house in his own house with 9th lord Moon but aspected by Sun,Jupiter,and Mercury and also his worst enemy Saturn. This seems to be a win win situation for Mars and despite tough legal battle ahead Mars (in this case Saddam) may survive this time also.The association of Mars with Moon is showing that fate is on Saddam's side and helping him in the longer run.Saddam here is represented by Ascendant and 6th house and his enemies are represented by 7th house and 12th (6th from 7th ) house.If we examine the strength of both the sides,balance again hangs in the favour of the former Iraqi President.Though the ascendant is weak as a benefic planet Venus is there,making Saddam a soft target,but retrograde Mars and Moon adding strength to Saddam and preparing him to a longer and tough battle.The 7th house is empty and showing the emptiness of principles on his enemies part,though here again the 12th house(6th from 7th ) has Sun,Jupiter and Mercury showing Saddam's enemies inabilitiy to use Law as their weapon.What they are considering their weapon may prove out to be their handicappedness.

I have also made a comprehensive study of Kot Chakras for Saddam Hussein.I have prepared three Kot chakras for Saddam for three different timings. These are based on three timing of Gulf War-I ,Gulf War-II, and the Trial of Saddam .I must add here that I again find him to elude the death through execution.

Saddam has been eluding death for many years. He may also elude execution this time. Let the God decide what is right for Saddam Hussein.

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