Thursday, July 14, 2005

Will Power


I think it is a very relevent topic in today’s world as each and everyone of us wants success and no-one wants failure. If I share some secerets of success with you ,I hope all of you will enjoy and will look forword to try some tips.
Our different organs work on different planes, as our body functions on physical plane,our mind functions on mental plane and our heart functions on emotional or psychic plane. These different planes possess different types of energy; from subtle to gross, from higher to lower etc.

Our mind is a great reservoir of energy. It is unfathomable. It is our will which makes our mind more powerful.You may be surprised to know that a person can work 5 times more than normal if he is perfectly fit pysically but he can work 5000 times more than normal if he fully concentrates mentally. This is the power of mind which comes from a person’s will. The sheer will can change the whole situation no matter how difficult it is?. It was the will of Napolean which saw his geart historical victories. It was the will of George Washington which made America independent from the clutches of mighty british empire. It was the will of Mahatma Gandhi which gave him the power and with that power he without any arms forced british to give us freedom. There are numerous examples like that in which people with great will power made impossible possible.
I would like to share some tips with you.

Concentration is the first thing which makes our mind collective to make effort to get success. From concentration comes confidence, and from confidene comes the power, the will power wich I am talking about.
For gaining concentration you will have to flow your all ideas into one direction, like all rivers flow into ocean.
You will also have to be sure of success. The surity of success makes a person powerful and positive to make efforts.
The positive frame of mind will make you courageous to take risks to make impossible the possible.
So here I am summarising my three dimensional tips for good will power.
Confidence &

I hope you will try these tips with positive frame of mind, and I am quite more hopeful that there is every reason to smile.

Aasmaan mein soorakh ho kyon nahin sakta.
Ek patthar to tabiyat se ucchalo yaaro..

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