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Outlook for the month Pausha- 16.12.2005 to 14.01.2006

Festivals and Events of the Month:-

16: Paush Krishna Paksha starts.Jupiter enters into Swati-IV at 16/59
18: Bhadra from 12/53 to 25/48
19: Sri Ganesh Chaturthi Moonrise at 20/47 at Delhi
20: Retrograde Saturn enter into Pushya-IV at 8/45.
21: Mercury enters into Jyestha at 18/07,Tropical Sun enters into Capricorn at 24/05.
22: Bhadra from 9/21 to 22/39
24: Venus turns retrograde at 15/09.Rukmini Ashtami
25: Christmas. Bhadra starts at 28/10
26: Bhadra upto 16/34.Parswanath Jayanti according to Jain calender.
27: The vrita for Saphala Ekadashi
28: Sun enters into Poorva-shada at 27/24. Pradosh Vritam
29: Bhadra from 13/54 to 24/44.
30: Mercury enter into Moola-I (Sagittarius) at 25/46. Amavasya for Shraddha etc.
31: Shani Amavasya.Pausha Shukla Paksha Starts.
1: New Year start for westners.Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga.
2: Islamic month Jilhaz starts.
3: Bhadra from 9/32 to 20/00.Panchaka starts at 8/22.
4: Mercury sets in the East at 11/45.
5: Jupiter enters into Vishakha-I at 6/45,Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.
6: Bhadra from 13/10 to 24/31.
7: Panchaka ends at 13/53.
8: Mercury enters into Poorva-shada at 21/11.
9: Bhadra starts at 22/50
10: Bhadra ends at 10/53.Venus sets in the West at 27/48.Putrada Ekadashi Vritam.
11: Pradosh Vritam.Sun enters into Uttara-shada at 5/21.
12: Swami Vivekananda Jayanti
13: Bhadra from 13/39 to 26/29.Retro Venus enters into Sagittarius at 18/50.Festival of Lohri.Sri Satyanarayana Vritam.
14: Paush Poornima for taking bath etc. Sun enter into Capricorn at 11/55.Magha Samkranti.Punyakal since 5/31 in morning.


Donating Grains,warm clothes, fruits,and money to needy people is considered to be greatly auspicious in the month of Pausha.
It is widely believed that by donating these things to the needy people we do the remedy to propitiate the chronic diseases.

Keeping Fast,donating dakshina to the brahmins and worshipping Lord Vishnu is considered very auspicious on the occasion of Saphala Ekadashi day which falls on 27th December.

Taking bath and doing charity at Haridwar etc on Shani Amavasya which falls on 31st December is also considered to be very auspicious.

Keeping fast on Putrada Ekadashi which falls on 10th Jan, is considered to be child giving.

After taking bath specially at Kashi,Haridwar or Allahabad and doing Yagna with til and donating Produts made of til,worshipping Lord Vishnu and Sun is considered to be very auspicious.Makar Samkranti falls on 14th Jan.

Mundane Prediction for the month Pausha(16-12-2005 to 14-1-2006)


Cancer rising with Pisces navamsha in Delhi.
This seems to be a good and prominent month for India as far as financial health is concerned.
The nation showing it's power and strength to the world in a dominant way.
India may draw gains from the WTO meet at Hong Kong.
India will show to the world why it is one of the world's fastest growing economy.
Economy will show a good growth in this month.

EPF interest rates may be increased upto some extent.
The value of rupee will be strengthen against dollar.
There will not be any surprise if sensex crosses magic 10000 mark in this month.
This is a good month for Doctors,Administrators,religious figures and Academicians.
There will be one new path-breaking discovery in medicines making India proud.
A businessman will make India proud at international level.

Our Prime-minister will also hog the limelight at international level.
UPA alliance will be in fighting mode and dominate NDA in the parliament.
NDA will lose it's dominance showing in the past month but will continue to gain publicity.

Sportpersons will make India proud in this month.
India will will the test series against Sri Lanka.
Religious and ritualistic sentiments will rule the nation's mood this month.
A religious figure may hog the limelight anytime during this month.

Crime against women will continue in this month.
A film star or an artist will bring international fame to the country.
A high profile divorce case may also hog the limelight of media.
A designer or a person related to glamour world may find himself in a muddle.

Another rail accident seems to be in waiting.
Weather will play spoilsport with the crops.
There will be a problem with the telecommunication industry also.
Not very good relations with the neighbouring countries.

Still a chance of Mild earthquake in coastal areas can not be ruled out.
Health of the Prime minister may be a cause of concern.
Foreign policies of the govt. will be in a state of confusion.
Supreme court will show it's dominance in day to day affairs of the nation.


Aquarius rising with Scorpio navamsha in Washington DC.
This seems to be quite a mix month for US.
The country will continue the policing act around the world.
Health of the nation will be a cause of concern.
This seems to be a month of major losses as far as war against terrorism is concerned.
A terrorist strike against the nation can nor be ruled out however it can be a major loss at Iraq also.


Gemini rising with Scorpio navamsha in London.
Navamsha being the same as Washington,both countries will speak same language.
A natural calamity or a major loss of crops and related products is in waiting from stars.
Tony Blair will face lots of internal turmoil in the party.His position seems to be fading in the party.


Virgo rising with Capricorn navamsha in Beijing.
Nation is consolidating it's power and might this month.
A major accident involving Rail or Ship is indicated.
There will be a problem with telecommunication system also.


Cancer rising with Libra navamsha in Moscow.
Country seems to be progressing and growing day by day.
Voice of the nation will be heard econonimically as well as militarily.
A major discovery in the field of medicine may be a news headline.
There will be a tough stance against the terrorism.


Cancer rising with Virgo navamsha in Tehran.
US will not be successful in bringing Iran to it's knees atleast this month.
Iran will continue to show it's stiff resistance to US, not ready to bow down.
This month seems to be months where there will be many accidents involving rail,ship or air, and
Iran also seems to be a part of this.


Cancer rising with Cancer navamsha in Baghdad.
The ruling alliance may win the elections in Iraq but religious parties may emerge stronger.It may be a catch 22 situation.
The resistance of Iraq against US will be continued and that will be stronger by the day.


Cancer rising with Aquarius navamsha in Islamabad.
The relation with India will be strained.
Sportspersons will make country proud.
Religious sentiments will be more vocal during the month.

Acharya Vasudev

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