Monday, April 07, 2008

Panchanga of fortnight 7th to 20th April 2008

ॐ ॥Shri Samvatsar 2065 Vikrami Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, Monday।। ॐ

April 7 : Monday Tithi Prathama till 6.09.04 , thereafter Dwitiya till 26.43.38.Moon in Aries (Mesha) Hindu's new year begins with Having fasts for Goddess Durga.Nakshatra Ashwini till 18.32.23.Ashwini nakshatra is good for rash actions, things related to fire and agriculture.

April 8 : Tuesday.Tritiya till 23.19.Nakshatra Bharani till 15.53.35, thereafter Krittika.Moon enters into Vrishabha (Taurus) at 21.14.39.Mars enters into Punarvasu nakshatra at 8.23,Mercury into Revati at 15.13. Matsaya Jayanti. Bharani nakshatra is also good for rash actions and for competitions etc.

April 9: Wednesday.Chaturthi till 20.05.25.Krittika till 13.22.08, thereafter Rohini.Moon remains in Vrishabha (Taurus). Bhadra or Vishti karana from 9.40 to 20.06.Krittika is also good for rash action, doing homam or yagnyas and working with metals.

April 10 : Thursday. Panchami till 17.10.58,Rohini till 11.07.29, thereafter Mrigshira nakshatra. Moon enter into Mithuna ( Gemini) at 22.09.01.Mrigshira nakshatra is good for all auspicious actions.

April 11: Friday.Shasthi till 14.43.04. Mrigshira nakshatra till 09.17.35 thereafter Ardra.Moon remains in Mithuna (Gemini).Skanda Shasthi.Ardra is good for controlling enemies.

April 12 : Saturday.Saptami till 12.46.46.Ardra till 07.58.13 thereafter Punarvasu.Moon enters into Karka (Cancer) at 25.20.53.Bhadra from 12.47 to 24.02.Punarvasu is good for all auspicious actions,travel etc. and also good for improving one's health

April 13 : Sunday. Ashtami till 11.25.15.Punarvasu till 7.12.49 thereafter Pushya.Moon remains in Karka (Cancer).Sun enter into Mesha (Aries) at 18.28.49.Samkranti punyakaal from 12.05.Pushya is good for things related to improving the health.Good for all auspicious actions except for marriage.

April 14 : Monday.Navami till 10.38.52.Pushya till 07.02.16, thereafter Ashlesha.Moon remain in Karka (Cancer).Mercury into Mesha at 29.49.37.Venus enters into Revati at 26.03.32. Shri Ram Navami.Fasting for Navaratras ends today.Ashlesha is good for fierce competition.Things related to poison,chemicals and medicines.

April 15 : Tuesday.Dashami till 10.26.13.Ashlesha till 07.25.12. thereafter Magha.Moon enters into Simha (Leo) at 7.25.12.Bhadra starts from 22.32.Vyatopaat from 21.05 to 25.15.Magha is good for hazardous undertakings.

April 16 : Wednesday.Ekadashi till 10.44.21.Magha till 08.18.40 thereafter Purva-Phalguni.Moon remains in Simha (Leo).Bhadra till 10.44. Kamada Ekadashi Vritam.P-phalguni is good for construction and warlike acts.Avoid oil baths and travel.

April 17 : Thursday.Dwadashi till 11.29.38. Purva-Phalguni till 09.39.Thereafter Uttara-Phalguni. Moon enters into Kanya (Virgo) at 16.02.45.Pradosha Vritam.Ashok Trayodashi,Anang Trayodashi.U-phalguni is good for marriage and new beginings.

April 18 : Friday.Trayodashi till 12.38.29.Uttara-Phalguni till 11.22.21.Moon remains in Kanya (Virgo).Shri Mahaveer Jayanti (Jainism).Hasta is good for marriage,travel, and installation of essential objects.

April 19 : Saturday.Chaturdashi till 14.07.52..Hasta nakshatra till 13.25.46.Moon enters into Tula (Libra) at 26.34.09. Bhadra from 14.08 to 26.59.Chitra is good for remedies and for sacred ceremonies.Marriage is also considered good.

April 20 : Sunday.Poornima till 15.55.16. Chitra till 15.46.39. Moon remains in Tula (Libra).Sacred bathing ceremony for the month of Baishakha starts from today.Good for religious activites, also good for marriage

Marriage Muhurta for this fortnight April 17,18,19,20

Note : New Delhi India is the location for this panchanga.All timings are given in I.S.T. 24 hours time format.Timings where exceeds beyond 24, that means event is taking place after midnight but before the next sunrise i.e 26.34 means 2 hours 34 minutes after midnight.In traditional indian wisdom day is counted from one sunrise to next sunrise and does not change at midnight.

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